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Hey guys I cannot believe that Christmas season is here!  I myself don’t mind and to be honest I love this time of year!  Everyone is in the Holiday spirit, baking, decorating and doing all sorts of fun Christmas things!  So that being said, I do have times when I struggle in the gift giving department.  I have 2 teenagers, an 11 year old, my husband Harvey and of course our extended family.  I want to get my family gifts they’ll love but not go broke doing so.  Since I was working on gifts for my husband, I thought I’d share a gift list in this post to help you with the man/men in your life.  Is it me or is it so difficult to find gifts for the guys?  My husband is pretty good lately with telling me what he’d like and that helps with shopping for him but it wasn’t always that.  I did ask the hubs to help me with this gift guide and he was totally cool with it, so here they are in no particular order.


1.// iPAD – I honestly think that the apple iPad is pretty awesome and something on everyone’s wish list here at Casa de HNC!

2.//WIRELESS EARBUDS – how perfect would these wireless earbuds be.  I love mine and these make a pretty awesome gift for the teens in your life too. My husband uses his all the time.  When he’s out working on our lawn in the summer, in his garage working on our latest project  or paying out bills lol.

3.// SOUND BAR – The hubs has been subtly hinting at getting one of these bad boys for our newly renovated family room.

4.// DRONE – great gift idea for beginner hobby drone flyers.  This looks like a lot of fun and I know that my husband would be so happy to have one of these bad boys!

5.// JACKET –  Harvey loves jackets that come with lot of pockets and if your special guy is anything like mine, they will love this jacket!

6.// TOUCH SCREEN GLOVES– I’ve been eyeing these gloves for my hubby and I think this will make an awesome stocking stuffer.

7.// GOOGLE HOME – my daughter gave the Google Home mini as a Christmas gift last year and my husband loves it!  We use it all the time.  We play games, listen to music, check for weather pretty much anything you can think of.

8.// SMART WATCH – Of course smart watches are all the rage in this world of modern men and women.  I myself don’t own a smart watch (old school girl) but I do think that they are pretty great.  My husband has an android smart watch and is due for a new one.  He loves his and always uses it.  The only time he takes it off is for showers and sleep (but even then he’ll forget he has it on lol)

9.// CHARGING STATION – if your family is anything like mine, you may have several devices laying around the house.  I really like this station because it helps keep all the devices in one place.  I also like that it has short cords because I hate seeing all those long cords hanging around the tables or side of the couch.  And in today’s world, it seems like everyone has more than one device and this is a great way to charge multiple devices at one time.

10.// RAPID CAR CHARGER – as a family of five always on the go, I love the idea of using this rapid car charger for our cell phones.  I don’t want to sound like a commercial but this really is a great little charger under $20.


and Gift Cards!

These also make great gifts for other men in your life (Dad, In-law, son etc.) I hope these gift ideas have inspired you!  Make sure to stop by soon for Gift Ideas for Her!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!!  Have a great day!

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12 Days of Crafting {Handmade Gift Ideas}

I have always loved to make things since as far back as I could remember.  I’m also always on the look out for fun handmade gift ideas for those nights when my noggin’ blanks out or I need a bit of creative inspiration.  Soooo I thought I’d share with you lovely readers 12 Handmade Gift Ideas you can make for the holidays, birthdays or even as a just because gift.  (I mean really, who doesn’t love receiving gifts just because? Am I right?? Eh Eh??)

Like what you see? Just click on each image to go to the tutorial 🙂

An awesome sketchbook caddy is perfect for those long road trips.

Source: Simply Modern Mom

This fun mail carrier kit is great for playing Post Office.

Source: 12 Crafts Til Christmas

This looks like such a fun gift to make!

Source: Serving Pink Lemonade

What little girl doesn’t love a Fabric Doll House?

Source: UK Lass in US

I think this car caddy is so darn cute!

Source: homemade by Jill

Circle Zip Earbud pouch for the tween (and not so tween) in your life!

Source: Dog Under My Desk

My kids love finger painting just as much as I do!

Source: Easy Peasy

Another fun homemade gift is sidewalk chalk!

Source: Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Or maybe your prefer to make your own playdough?

Source: Skip to my Lou

How about these adorable Rag Dolls?  Sooo cute!

Source: Tip Junkie

I so love these Ruffled Flowers, great as hair accessories ❤

Source: The Mother Huddle

Lastly on the list is upcycled crayons!  Who doesn’t have broken pieces of crayons laying around.  Now you can make one colorful crayons kids can play with over and over again!

Source: Make and Takes

I hope to have inspired you start making those Christmas Gifts!  You better get crackin’, you only have 9 more days to go!!!~