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How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink | Clean with Me 2019

Ok confession time:  I am not a naturally organized person.  I struggle with finding ways to keep my home organized, especially my kitchen and bathroom.  For me organizing those two spaces are big challenges.  So I decided to get down and tackle these spaces.  I started with under the kitchen sink and to be honest I was not too thrilled with how messy it was.  I’m a little embarrassed to even show you how messy it was.  Here is a before photo so you can see what I’m working with: Continue reading

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015

Dollar Tree Haul September 2015 | hipncreative.wordpress.com

So the kids are back in school and although it was a bitter-sweet time in our home, I’m happy to say that they all had a wonderful first week of school.  I on the other hand was a mess.  You’d think that by now I’d be ok with this, I mean my oldest is in the 10th grade! But I’m not and I’m ok with that.  I love my kids, so yes I get emotional.

To help me cope with my kids returning to school,  I decided to do some retail therapy.  I went to a few shops over the last few days and got some cute items for future home decor and craft projects.  I thought I’d do a haul and show you what I bought but that would be too big of a post, so I’m going to break it down into store hauls.  My first stop was my local Dollar Tree.  I went in to get some organizational tools but they were completely gone.  I guess this store only carried certain things in season?  Now I know.  Any who, I went and picked up a few things.  Here they are:

Black & White floral print place mats.  I got the last four that were available in my local DT (dollar tree).  I have a future project I’ll be working on and this is totally something I’ve been searching for.  I hope they restock because I think I may have to get more.

Dollar Tree Haul September 2015 floral placemats

These orange pumpkins.  I’m not too thrilled with the way they currently look.  They’re a bit banged up and the orange color doesn’t go with what I have in mind but I thought I’d spruce them up.  Check back soon to see what I do with them.

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 Orange foam pumpkins

This Autumn Blessing Cross.   Last time I went to the store my Hubby liked this cross.  So when I saw it I thought to pick one up and add to our home Fall decor.  Nice and simple.

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 Autumn Blessing Cross decor | hipncreative.wordpress.com

I also picked up some household goodies.  I randomly stock up on certain items from the dollar store.  I find their toothbrushes and other goodies great for when the kids have sleep overs.  I even picked up this clear table cover.  I have fabric tablecovers I collect for the season and with three messy ladies, I decided a clear cover will help protect my lovely tablecovers from stains.

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 Random Goodies hipncreative.wordpress.com

This awesome picture frame.  I liked the frame.  I have a future project in mind and if all goes well, I’ll be sharing my tutorial with you.  *fingers crossed!*  By the way doesn’t the picture look like a denture commercial?

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 Black Frame hipncreative.wordpress.com

Softsoap Hand Soap.  I had to get these.  I’ve seen them for almost $2 bucks everywhere I shop.  Even if I use a coupon I still wouldn’t get them for cheaper.

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 Softsoap Hand Soap | hipncreative.wordpress.com

Awesome Halloween Decor.  Every year Tan and I go all out for Halloween.  It’s one our favorite times of the year.  (pretty much all Holidays are our favorite time of the year 😉 ) Halloween is especially our favorite because we celebrate our daughter’s birthday that same month.  She always asks for a Halloween themed party.  Whenever we see Halloween decor we add it to our ever growing collection.  We always shop at the Dollar Tree or clearance sections of any store.

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2015 halloween decor | hipncreative.wordpress.com

Floral Print Shelf Liners – I am in the middle of several organization projects and got these bad boys to help me spruce up some drab spaces.  Come back and see what I did with these bad boys!

D ollar Tree Haul September 2015 | shelf liners | hipncreative.wordpress.com

Elegant Gift Wrap Roll.  I saw these gift wrap rolls and was attracted to the color (notice a theme here?) I love these wraps and am holding on to them for future home decor / craft projects.  I’m thinking Christmas.. Valentine’s maybe?  Stay tuned to see what it is!

Dollar Tree Haul | September 2105 Elegant Gift Wrap | hipncreative.wordpress.com

That’s it!  I hope this haul post wasn’t too long.  I’m glad I didn’t add the other store hauls to this one post or my fingers will fall off!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any hauls you’re interested in me doing, just let me know in the comments below (hey that rhymes!) and I’ll see what I can do.  I’m thinking of doing a Youtube haul in the future.  What do you think?

Talk to you soon!

Awilda hipncreative.wordpress.com