Oh how Pinterest(ing)

Well folks I did it… I finally joined the new (at least to me) craze.  I am now on Pinterest.  Haha I don’t know why I took so long except that I wasn’t sure exactly how it works.  I mean it seems pretty easy enough. I see a photo I like I “pin” it and it goes on a virtual inspiration board.  I can create various categories and add the photo to that category and I can share with others that have the same interest as I do!  Pretty cool huh?  Anywhoo, I wasn’t sure how to begin, I mean I have lots of interests and to start with just one was kinda hard.  But I finally took the plunge and went for it.  I *pinned* my first photo and tada!  I created my first *pin.

When you get a chance please stop by and check out my pins and let me know what you think! ~

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