Winter Craziness

Hello and Happy Hump Day!  Lately it’s been crazy hectic for us here at Casa de HNC, with school being closed because of snow days, our boy Nemo (our Pomeranian) is having health issues (bladder stones, dislocated knee, arthritis) and Tan’s grandfather has been having some troubles as well (Alzheimer’s) ,  I was practically pulling my hair out!  Everyone has been stressed and not having a good week month.  I have been doing my best to keep things cool but it’s been hard.  Every time we try to get a moment something happens.  Just the other day the kids were with their grandmother for the night and Tan decided at the last minute to go out to dinner.  Of course our luck we waited 20 minutes and no one even took our drink orders.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal but the restaurant wasn’t even packed!  We bumped into out kids at the restaurant and they were seated and their drink orders taken and we were still waiting.  We would of stayed a bit longer but Tan was on call and we had to leave.  😦  Which of course sucked big time.  That would of been our first “date night” in a loooonng time!  Usually we just do dinner at home with the kids and that’s it.  (We don’t have a lot of options when it comes to babysitters).

But what really sucked (for me) was that our PC died.  Yup.  Just up and died on me.  About a week ago I noticed the computer was a bit sluggish.  I mentioned this to Tan my expert pc guy (lucky for me he’s a programmer 😉 ) but before he could even troubleshoot what’s wrong it just choked!  Darn thing wouldn’t even turn on.  So after a bit of research Tan replaced the computer with a totally awesome totally fast totally NEW PC! totally!  Woot Woot!  It’s pretty awesome so far but this is my first time using it, it does take a bit of getting used to but I’m sure I’ll rock it soon enough.  We got the pc last night (would of gotten it sooner but the weather made that a pain in the tukus!)  And that’s one of the reasons why this awesome blog has been silent for a bit.   I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and post some awesome stuff soon!

Until then!

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