Back to the Grind..


A while back I had mentioned that Tan and I have placed our happy home on the market.  Well if you were wondering as to what the heck happed; I’d have to say a lot!  For starters, we had many many people come through these parts and had a lot of positive feed backs but no offers on our home- yet.  (we were always 2nd place) I have to say that Tan and I were wondering as to why we didn’t get any offers but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for us.  We had our home listed for almost 4 months but had to remove our listing because our kids were starting the school season and the holidays were shortly after and we knew we didn’t want to move mid school year.  Our Realtor was very supportive and kept in touch with us through out the months until we were ready to re-list our home.

Now we’re back on the market and it has been very positive!  We’ve had a few people request to see our home and loved it!  We’ll just have to wait and see if we get any offers soon.  I have to admit it gets a bit tedious when I’m in the middle of a project to have to stop what I’m doing and clean up.  I mean once you get in the zone it’s so hard to stop; but i know it’s for the greater good.  I have to admit that I cannot wait for the next phase of the Real Estate Game.  I sometimes think about the possibility of moving to a bigger home and it gives me goose bumps!  But ever the sentimentalist that I am, a small part of me will miss this happy home. 🙂

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