Taking Stock

July is my birthday month as well as Tan and My Anniversary (woo hoo!)   I have to admit, the beginning of last year was not the best year for me but I have been doing a lot better.  I try my best not to be a negative person.  I feel that when you focus on the negative you miss out on the positive, (Can I get a Amen!)…  Although we have had our share of bumpy rides, I truly believe that God has big plans and we are now in a better place.

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs when I came across this post and thought I’d join in on the fun.   For the original post please go here.

Making : wire bracelets
Cooking : sandwiches 😉
Drinking : coke
Reading: Heaven is For Real
Wanting: to finally move in to our home and start projects that are stuck in my head
Looking: for bedroom furniture
Playing: board games with the kids
Wasting: time
Sewing: nothing… yet!
Wishing: to see my family more often
Enjoying: the summer with my girls 🙂
Waiting: for my hubby to come home
Liking: cool drinks on a summer day
Wondering: if I’ll ever be organized
Loving: my family and life
Hoping: summer doesn’t go by too fast
Needing: some space for my stuff
Smelling: clean linen
Wearing: pink lace tank top with jean shorts
Noticing: how big my girls are getting
Knowing:  everything is fine
Thinking: about my future goals 😉
Feeling: happy
Opening: email

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Until soon!

xxoo Awilda

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