Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Craft

Hi Guys!  Today I thought I’d share this super duper easy and fun craft project your kids will love!  The best part is that most if not all of the items needed are in your home!  Awesome right?!

TurkeyLegCraft | HIP N CREATIVE

Here is what you’ll need:

Small Brown Paper Bag
Newspaper or Plastic Bags
White Cardstock Paper
Sharpie or markers (lovingly pilfered from your kids craft supplies 😉 )
Ribbon or Twine


Cute out a bone shape using the white cardstock paper.  Next cut the brown paper bag about an inch down from bag opening.  Glue the “bone” to the inside of the bag and stuff with newpaper.   Finally tie the bag with ribbon and using sharpie write guests name.  You can even go a step further and print your guests names on your printer and glue onto the bag.

BONUS:  If you prefer, you can fill the bag with popcorn, candy or other treats your guests will love!

Like I said easy right?

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