Summertime Activities

Well it’s summer vacation time at HNC and it’s been a tradition of ours to take the kids someplace special for their last day as a fun way to start off the summer.  We’ve taken them to many places but we’ve also kept it simple and treated them to a special lunch at their favorite restaurant.

But alas, no sooner are the kids home do I hear “Mom I’m bored” or “Mom there’s nothing to do”- which I start hearing that by the end of the week.!

I do my best to have them join summer camps and do activities, but this year we have been placed on a waiting list and I’m truly not sure if they’re ever going to be able to join.  *keeping fingers crossed that they get in.*

While we wait to hear from our local Rec. Center I came up with this Summer Activities List. It’s been a real life saver and helped the kids find something to do.  If your looking for something fun for the kiddos to do, just click on the image below and to download my printable.

Summer Activities

What about you?  How do you keep your kids entertained over the summer? Do you have any suggestions you’d like to share.  Just comment below and let me know what you’ve done to help fight the summer time boredom blues!  Have a great day!


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