DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

I love flowers, but of course they never last as long as I would like.  So I decided to go on Pinterest and see if I can find some cute inspirations to create my own flowers on the cheap. What I found were some fun tutorials on making flowers out of coffee filters.  So of course I thought I’d try my version of these babies and this is my result: | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

Today I thought I’d share my version of how I made these coffee filter flowers.  It’s really pretty simple and not too time consuming.

What you’ll need:

  • 12 coffee filters (12 cup size)
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • green tissue paper (for leaves) – this is totally optional
  • floral wire & tape (or artificial flowers with stems)
  • scissors | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

First let me mention that I used some old flowers that I had for years – 10 years I think?.  They may look good in this picture but when you touched them they would crumble and fall.  My little one was a master at showing me that little tid-bit of information lol.  Since the flowers were starting to fall apart I decided to re-purpose them in my project.  Awesome, right!

The Steps:

step 1: First take the coffee filters you’ll be using to make the flowers and flatten them out, like a pancake.  Next take three (3) coffee filters and fold in half.  Then fold again forming a cone shape, then fold again forming a thinner cone shape. Do that to every three sets of filters. | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

step 2:  Now grab you’re handy dandy scissors and cut a 3″ rounded edge to the first set of filters.  The next set to about 3.25″ and each one a .25 inch bigger then the last. | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

step 3: Snip a notch at the bottom of the filter, this will be the opening for the flower stem.  If you’re using floral wire, you don’t need to do this step.  Just pierce the wire through the filters when unfolded. | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

Unfold the filters and stack them up from biggest to smallest.  They should look a bit like this: | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

step 4: Grab your unfolded filters and slide those bad boys through the flower stem.  I used a dab of hot glue on the floral stem between each three sizes of the coffee filters to keep them from sliding around, kind of smooshing them together, starting from the shortest filters and working my way back to the biggest filters.  Repeat these steps for all your flowers. | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

step 5: Lastly I had some left over leaves from the previous flowers so I just glued them on to the bottom of the stem.  If you don’t have that you can use green tissue paper and cut them to look like leaves and glue them to the bottom of your flower. | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

That’s it!  I absolutely love how perdy these flowers look!  I may have went a little coffee filter crazy and made like 100 of these!  Just kidding!  I did love the way they look but kept it to a reasonable ‘bouquet’ amount.  The best part about this project was that my 15 year old thought they were professionally made.  When I told her I made them and what I used she was pretty impressed- and that means a lot from my 15 year old, believe me! | DIY coffee filter flower tutorial

You know, there are so many awesome ways that coffee filters can be used.  I plan to use them a lot in my house!  Oh I see many filter projects in my future! Not only do they make awesome flowers, you can also make them into a wreath, garland, they make great kid friendly crafts or use them as party decor!  The possibilities are endless!  And if you really want to go all out dip the filters in food coloring and water mixture, let dry and you have some pretty and colorful decor!  No matter the choice you’ll love this project!

Now go on and try this project yourself.  If you get a chance to make one, I’d love to know about it.  Send me a pic of your project and maybe I’ll feature it on my blog.  And if you happen to be on Pinterest why not follow me!

Have a wonderful week!




3 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

    1. Awilda Post author

      You’re Welcome! I tried to make this post as easy to follow as I could. I’ll definitely check out your blog! Thanks!


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