Superhero Birthday Party

This month is the 7th birthday of my beautiful Nena.  She is so excited and has asked for her party to be a SUPERHERO party.  As her normal fashion she requested a cool party with no “baby stuff” in the mix. That meant changing things up a bit.  After thinking about what to do for her birthday we decided to have a training camp where the kids had to earn the Honor of being called “Superheroes”.  One of the ideas we had was to fashion a Obstacle Course.  I recruited my sister and brother in law for a Game I like to call “Flash Dash”  The game was pretty simple really.  We were blessed to have great weather so I grabbed my balloon weights and had my BIL  place them on the ground in an serpentine pattern (like the driving course) and had each child run the obstacle holding Kryptonite (glow in the dark stick) and pass it to the hero waiting at the end of the course.  They kept running back and forth until the last hero had his/her turn.

I’d like to say that the picture is out of focus because the kids ran so fast but that’s not true.  I had my BFF use my camera and apparently she didn’t know how to point and click :/  Guess she’s never seen a camera before that day LOL!  Anywhoo, the kids liked the game so much they kept wanting to play over and over and over again!

On to game number 2… For this game we played a tossing game I had left over from previous carnival party.  Basically I had stacked up some hollow cans and a nerf football and had the kids toss the football towards the cans.  The one with the most cans knocked out won a small prize (toys from the dollar store).  To add a superhero flair we called it some hero-ish game like: Pulverizer (and yes they bought it)

At one point in the day’s festivities, we had a special surprise guest make an appearance.  Why none other than IRON MAN!!!  In the middle of playing another game, the kids were surprised to see Ironman appear.  It was so awesome! Imagine this: While playing the game one of the kids yells “who’s that?” and when you look down the street you see a Tall red and gold colored suit slowly making his way towards us.  Then the kids at different times yell out “Ironman!!”  It was AWESOME!  You had to be there to fully understand and see the look on their faces as they nervously watched him come closer.  At one point the kids did get brave enough to talk to him and interact.  Ironman was even nice enough to stay and pose for pictures as well as sing Happy Birthday to my girl!  She was soo happy!

Posing with the kiddies!

Ironman catching some bad guys!

Some “bad guys” made their way to the party and Ironman had to show them some justice!  hahaha the kids thought it was cool for their Uncle and Cousin to put on a small show for them.  After pictures were taking we had some more games and a pinata for the kids.

As for the birthday cake, well this year my beauty decided she had enough of “regular” cakes and wanted her very own cheesecake!  Hey it’s her birthday, so why not eat cheesecake!  It was YUMMY and I even managed to save an extra piece.  It’s chilled in the fridge and it’s beckoning for me -i mean- someone to eat it….  ~

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