The Renaissance Fair

We were invited to go  to the Pa Renaissance Fair with my sister and her family.  Tan and I have never been and I always wanted to go, so of course we jumped at the chance of having some fun a the Fair!!  When we first got there, we were surprised to see hundreds of people dressed in that era.  There were families in Vans, SUVs and tiny cars pouring out with thier kilts, wench costumes and even a few royalties made their presence known.

Tan and I got and eye full of ahem…

a man and his kilt?  Notice the guy on the left?  He uh has a wardrobe malfunction going on,  I tried to get his (and his families’) attention but they didn’t hear me.  I guess they were a bit more excited than we were?  Eh?  Hahaha  anywho, once we were off we quickly realized the many things that were going on all at once.  They had several performances going on as well as wonderfully entertaining plays.  We even spotted the Queen of England speaking to a lovely little girl and gifted her with a pearl necklace!  How cute is that?!

The Queen even knighted a “commoner” for wooing one of her ladies in waiting 🙂

Not far from the Knighting Ceremony they were creating wooden puzzles for the kiddos to buy from the merchant shop.

Speaking of the Shopps…. Here are a few of what they offer at the PA Renaissance Fair..

We did however manage to get a beautiful mask that the girls really liked…  I have to say I was so tempted to buy a few things for myself but… maybe next time?

One of the best shows of the day was the Queen’s Knighting Ceremony…  The Queen’s assistant would prep the children to greet the queen, they would recite a pledge and received a musical instrument in which they would use for the Children’s Parade!  The girls LOVED it!  They all felt very special and excited to be a part of the queen’s entourage.

Afterwards, we caught a bit to eat…

Behold, ye olde Pizza!  YUM!!  Oh man was this pizza goooodd!  Ugh, I’m hungry thinking about it! lol 😀  Tan skipped the pizza and got himself a Chicken Leg… boy was that one mighty large leg 😀 

We even caught the last show of the night 🙂  It was pretty awesome…  Explosions, Good vs. Evil, Chaos and of course the Good Knight, our Champion, saving the day!

All in all I thought it was pretty cool!  I can’t wait to go back!~

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