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{Real Parties} Carousel Cupcake Toppers

A while back I was contacted by a lovely Mom who wanted to celebrate her son Mateo’s first birthday.  She wanted a carousel for the toppers and a matching smash cake set for her son.

Mateo’s Mom, Autumn, was nice enough to send me pictures of her son’s birthday party and I thought I’d share some pics with you fine folks!  So here you go!

It just puts a smile to my face knowing that little “Teo” (as they lovingly call him) enjoyed his first birthday and that I was a small part of his joyous time 😀  It makes my heart go pitter patter for little ones.

And how yummy is this cake?  When I saw this I was thinking Oooh I need to make myself a cake :p… Yum Yum Yum


Real Customer {Steelers Birthday Banner}

I was contacted by a woman who’s husband is a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.  She wanted a banner that had the Steelers colors.  She pretty much left the design aspect to me but did request that a Football be some how incorporated into it.   I have to admit I’m not familiar with the Steelers football team (other than knowing they’re from Pittsburgh) so I did a bit of research.   I collected my inspiration for the color, did some research  and created this banner for her.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate the Steelers overall look to the banner as well as the colors.  It was so much fun to create!  I liked it so much I decided to add this to my Etsy Shop.

What about you- are you or your spouse a Sports Fan?

Toddler Party Planning Tips

Around here we have plenty of children who vary in age. From 7 months up to 17 years, so when it comes to planning a party, we’ve been through it all. I love planning parties and have been asked several times from friends and family on what to do when planning a party for the little ones. I’m in the beginning stages of prepping for a soon to be 2 year old’s birthday party. Toddlers at this age group can be great fun especially when it comes to themed and dress up parties! You should remember that toddlers don’t expect much and are happy just feeling loved and special on their big day.  So make sure you spend your time (and money) on things that will keep them happy and entertained.

I’ve put together some tips I’ve learned over the years to help plan a fun, less stressful party:

The first thing you should do is think about how many guests to invite.  I suggest inviting up to eight (twelve the most) toddler friends. Parents will need to stay to help with the games, and to help manage the little ones since they tend to get distracted easily.  You can also ask some of the parents to help with set up and clean up of the event, this is a great time saver and allows you more time for other projects.

Next thing to think about should be What Time to have the party. Think of the toddler’s nap schedule when planning your party. Mornings or lunch time can be a great time for the party especially if planning the toddler’s birthday over the weekend. Remember to keep the party short, simple and sweet!

For Games and Activities most children at this age love dressing up, so keep a box of dress up clothing handy or if budget doesn’t allow for that ask the kids to come dressed as their favorite character! Simple structured games are always a good idea. If having the party outside, a bouncy castle may be a great solution, but you will need a large space and adult supervision. One of the best games kids love is the parachute game. 😀  It’s a fun game and includes all of the kiddos!

When it comes to choosing a Venue, in my opinion, your home is still the best place to host your toddler’s party. But if you live in a small space or don’t want your precious home subjected to a room full of toddlers, an indoor play area like Gymboree or Bounce U is the perfect place.

Food is an important part of your party. When it comes to choosing a menu; food should look colorful and inviting and should be in small portions. Animal-shaped sandwiches, bite-size pieces of fruits and veggies and mini pizzas are always popular. {Don’t forget to keep in mind any little ones with food allergies!} You will also have adults there so plan to have food options for the parents as well. For the cake choose a fun, recognizable character, possibly of your child’s favorite TV show or shaped like one of their favorite toys. Or you can always go with a beautiful brightly colored cake made by you (if you have the time).

Another thing to think about is: Will you be choosing a theme? Choosing a theme depends on your child’s likes or dislikes. You may find that party supply stores may have helpful suggestions for themed decorations, or contact Jinkies Parties for a Personalized Party Pack within your budget!  This will help tie the party together with a fun personalized touch.

Don’t forget the Party bags! Customize the party bag with contents to match the theme, but don’t spend a fortune. Learning toys, healthy snacks and books are a good starting point for party bag fillers. I myself try to stay away from any cheap sugary candies as well as anything that may harm the little ones.

At the end of the day make sure you have fun with your toddler.  Keep in mind that there will always be a child crying (due to over stimulation -ie: tired, hungry, etc.) and there will be things you may not get to do or something doesn’t work.  You cannot control the situation,  you can only control your reaction to it!  Let everything go and most importantly don’t forget to have FUN!~

Chic Cupcake Carriers

For a while now I’ve noticed the Push Pop containers I had used for my daughter’s birthday become very popular.   Although they are new to my Etsy shop, it’s been over a year in which I was aware of the containers and have seen the push pop containers in various blogs.  Any where from how to use them to what to fill them with: cupcakes, muffins, candies etc.  This has inspired me to create a beautiful Chic Cupcake Carrier ™ that you can use for the regular sized cupcakes as well as the large cupcakes.

I’m so excited to introduce my NEW Chic Cupcake Carrier ™ at my Etsy Shop and Webstore.  An Exclusive design by yours truly!  If you order my Chic Cupcake Carriers please send me pics of the creative ways you use them.  Who knows I may show your pics on my blog!  😀

Birthday Crown

This month is my beautiful little niece’s first birthday!  I’m so excited for my sister and her hubby!  So when they asked me to help make some of the birthday decor, I was glad to help!  After all I love a good party!!

My sister asked me to make my niece her very own Birthday Crown!  I had always wanted to make one and jumped at the chance to whip something up!  I was inspired by my Nena’s tiara from Disney World and made a crown for my niece.  I was asked to have the crown match her dress, which was quit a challenge being that her dress is cream and gold.  I gave it my best shot and came up with this:

1st Birthday Crown

Back of Crown

What do you think?  I’m going to post a tutorial on how to make a crown of your own for your princess (or prince) as soon as I get a chance.  😀