Craft Club?

I LOVE to craft and yes by now I’ve mentioned it enough for you the roll your eyes as I state it once again, I LOVE TO CRAFT!  I love everything about it!  I just don’t have anyone to really talk to about my passion.  Sure Tan is great and he listens to me go on and on about the different things I want to make but crafting isn’t his thing!  My BFF is not a crafter at all and has no clue what a cricut, gypsy, cuttle bug etc is.  I feel like I speak a different language than anyone else I know. It’s hard because there are times when I want to bounce my ideas/thoughts around and I get blank looks from others.  I haven’t found my crafting buddy yet (if your out there let me know!) 🙂  Anywhoo… not even my sisters do any type of crafting 😦   as for my in-laws,  they really don’t show any interest in what I like sadly 😦  they’re good people just we’re not in tune when it comes to crafting.

If I could, I spend all days making journals, painting, sewing, photography and anything in between.  So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to share my crafting adventures with all of you and maybe gain a new friend or two that shares my passion for crafting.

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