Hello Insta!

So I’m totally loving instagram now! I mean I’ve had an instagram account for about six months or so but I really didn’t *know* what instagram was all about. I knew that you could take a picture and give it that filtered look but that’s about it. But boy ohh boy was I wrong! I didn’t realize that you could share photos on social media sites like facebook or twitter, or that you could follow your friends photos as well.

I think that instagram is pretty awesome and I am having so much fun. I am totally a newbie at it but it’s great so far and I am sooo hooked! SO if you want to follow me and my wierd and random photos, you can find me @jinkiesparties.

You can also follow my tweets via Twitter (of course) @jinkiesparties and you can like me on facebook as well (I’ll love you for it ;)). I know, I know, I’m such a geek!~

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