Valentine Love

Valentine’s Day was a very exciting day for my kids, they got a chance to dress down and also exchange valentine gifts with their classmates.  My girls are wonderful kids, they didn’t want to exclude anyone so they made cards.  They even included their teachers.  My Nena’s first grade teacher actually said Thank You expressing that my Nena was the only student to ever give them a Valentine’s Day Gift!  She was so proud of herself and so happy!

Back at home my baby girl and I had a lovely Mommy and Me breakfast and watched Strawberry Shortcake (or how she says it: Starberry CakeCake :p)  Although after my 3rd time watching the movie I lost interest and instead did some home reading.  I did manage to surprise her with a bouquet of felt tulips.  She loved them and hugged them to herself while watching her movie and enjoying her snack.

I did manage to make another bouquet of felt tulips for my niece and added a box of chocolates for her as well.  It is so cute (if I do say so myself).  I really enjoyed making these lovely gifts for my girls!  It was so much fun!! ~

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