Ice Sculpture: Dragon Art

As mentioned in my previous post… surviving winter is what we’re all about here folks!  Although I don’t mind a sprinkle of snow here and there this year the winter seems a bit BLAH for me.  I’m trying to make the most of this season with activities both fun and educational but there are days when I just wanna curl up in front of the TV and watch movies!

There are some fun things about the snow that I like.  One of them is that the kids can go out there and build themselves a snow man!   They had a fun time building one until they started to freeze from the cold and bitter wind.  Alas their poor snowman was almost finished when the snow/rain mix started to fall and they came in to warm up.  At that point the snow/rain was so bad poor Mr. Snowman was burried in his fellow snow friends!

Mr. Snowman just chillin'

Notice Mr. Snowman towards the bottom 😦

The bitter winter doesn’t stop Tan and the kids from going out there and having some fun.  They eventually dug themselves out of the house and had a good ol’ fashion snow ball fight.  Tan was pelted with snow but eventually won the battle!  They even managed to go to our neighborhood park and saw the coolest (no pun intended) ice sculpture!

Close Up of Face

Now people who know me know I absolutely LOVE dragons!  I think they are beautiful and special and truly remarkable!  I know that they’re mythical creatures but at the same time they are so real to me!  Ugh I love ’em!

Front of Dragon

Now I wasn’t there to take the pics but if I was I’m sure that I would have TONS of shots of the dragon.  Tan spoke to the 2 men who created this masterpiece and they said it took the 2 sculpture/artists 3 DAYS to create this beauty!  As I was driving home today I managed to peek over and saw the splendor for myself!  Words cannot express how massive this thing is.  I think it took up at least half the park (the other half had swings).  It’s gorgeous!  Mmmm-mmmmm.  All I know is that it’s fantastic and it helps me to survive winter for at least one more day!~

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