Birthday on the Brain

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it’s also the busiest month for Tan and myself.  So far we have had two birthdays in the beginning of the month.  Our niece (from my family tree) celebrated her Sweet 16th Birthday only one day after my nephew (from Tan’s family tree) celebrated his 9th.  We were also blessed to welcome a new baby nephew (my SIL’s First :D) on Sunday- just one day shy of Valentine’s Day.  This weekend is Tan’s cousin Anthony’s birthday party.  We were invited to go and since it’s my eldest girl’s godfather, how could we refuse?  🙂  Next week will be my lovely niece’s (Tan’s second sister) 4th birthday.  It will be a very exciting day since we’ll be celebrating her special day with my three girls and their new baby cousin.  How Cute is that?!  Also this month is my beautiful girl’s 11th Birthday!  She is so excited!

She first wanted to have a sleep over with a few of her friends but then changed her mind and decided to invite her family over to help her celebrate.  We’re working on her birthday prints as well as food, decor and colors.  I think this is the last time Azul is willing to have a birthday bash.  She has told me on a few occasions that she’s ready to have a low-key birthday.  It’s a bitter-sweet thing for me 🙂 but whatever makes her happy makes me happy too! ~

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