30 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Special

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A few years ago when my eldest was still in diapers, my wonderful husband Tan came home with a few books and printouts from a company health retreat.  I stored it for safe keeping and when I was cleaning out my file cabinet I came across this cute little print out from that very outing (I tend to keep things in its original packaging to remember where/when I got it :D)

I being of a generous nature, decided to share this list with you fine folks in the blogosphere!  So here you go!  Enjoy:

*Every child is special, and every child deserves to know this.  Feeling special helps children believe in themselves and have a positive outlook.  Here are 30 simple things you can do at home to help your child feel special:

  1. Start each day with a smile.
  2. Tell your child why she/he is special to you.
  3. Say “I love you” often.
  4. Share jokes or funny stories and laugh together.
  5. Help you child see the brighter side of difficult situations
  6. Say “I’m glad you’re part of this family”.
  7. Really Listen to your child.
  8. Attend your child’s school events, performances, and sports activities.
  9. Ask “What do you think?”
  10. Treat your child with respect, as you’d treat a good friend.
  11.  Be aware that name-calling, teasing, and embarrassing remarks can be hurtful to your child.
  12. Say “You can do it”.
  13. Set aside special time for your child.
  14. Take walks together.
  15. Say “I love spending time with you”.
  16. Ask your child for help.
  17. Help your child learn new skills.
  18. Fix meals together
  19. Do chores together.  Say “Thanks for helping”.
  20. Whenever possible, say “Please do this” instead of “Don’t do that.”
  21. Read books together.
  22. Do fun things together.
  23. Be silly together.
  24. Notice when your child tries something new.
  25. Believe in your child.
  26. Say “I like you.”
  27. Say “I’m glad you’re you:.
  28. Hug each other often.
  29. At bedtime, talk about the good things that happened during the day.
  30. Say “Sweet Dreams”.

I hope this above list will help you parents out there to strengthen your bond with your child or children.   If you would like a copy of this list, you can download it here.

Many of the items on this list is something Tan and I have been doing since before the kids we’re born.  We have always been nurturing people and truly enjoy each other’s company and in my humble opinion sharing love, respect and your time with your child will help them to grow up strong and make the right decisions.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing with you soon!~

*List source: A Leader’s Guide to I Like Being Me, copyright 1997 by Judy Lalli and Mary Martha Whitworth.  Free Spirit Publishing Inc.

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