My Personal Haven

For a very long time now I have always wanted my very own little craft area.  Somewhere I can create, draw, doodle and be inspired.  As many creative people know, we tend to collect many different finds and add them to our growing collection.  When I first started crafting (at 12)  I used to have a shoe box where I would hide all my treasures, but my family and I moved a lot and in one of those moves, I lost my craft box.  I was so sad, devastated, but determined to rebuild.  Again I took an old shoe box and made it into my craft box.  Placing all of my valuable findings in it and building anew.   I would also include sewing in my crafts, making dolls clothes, barbie outfits, and even making a redo of my own clothing for a better fit or longer wear.  Over the years my passion for crafting grew to include photography as well.  I loved how the camera would capture a moment in time and preserve it for many years beyond.  It was so much fun, I even joined my high school photography club!  I never thought much of what I did or why I did it, I just loved doing it and when I had my chance, I would sneak off a let my mojo flow.

So when Tan and I got married, almost 12 years ago (yikes!)  I continued my work.  I was blessed enough to have wonderful husband that encouraged my work and even pushed me to have my own blog, where I can share my ideas with you all.  So with that being said, I wanted to show you all my own corner of the world, my inspiration, my craft nook:

I love this place!  I can sew, create, read and hopefully inspire others!  Thanks to my wonderful husband Tan for gifting me this wonderful little nook… My Personal Haven~

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