Dia de Los Reyes Magos

Photo: Disney By Mark

Every year my family and I celebrate Dia de los Reyes Magos.  It’s a Hispanic tradition that I’ve been blessed to pass to my children.  What is Dia the Los Reyes Magos you ask?  Why it’s a very special day where many Hispanic families celebrate the Epiphany.  Remembering the day when the Three Wise Men followed the star to Bethlehem, arriving to bear their treasured gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Baby Jesus.  It is celebrated on the 6th of January every year.  Although it is not widely known through out the US and other countries, it is still celebrated as big as  Christmas in the Hispanic Community.

As a little girl I remember the excitement I felt when I first heard of the Three Wise Men.  How they came down to gift Baby Jesus their treasures.  I especially like that the Three Wise Men gave good children gifts too (hey, I was a kid what did you expect) I was so excited to see all the bright lights, the food and the music as well (to me there’s nothing better than some good salsa music)  Now as a mother I try my best to follow in the traditions of my family and teach my children their heritage.  Although we now live in the city of Philadelphia, Tan and I have adapted some of the traditions to fit into the life and schedule of 3 busy girls and 2 crazy pups. Since January 6th falls on a Friday this year and our girls have school plus a basketball game tonight, we’ll be celebrating Dia de Los Reyes on Saturday.  Which is great because that will give us a wonderful weekend of food fun and festivities.  I plan on making some great traditional Puertorican food.  I cannot wait to make some yummy arroz con gandules, empanadillas, tostones and pernil.  For desert we’ll enjoy some flan and arroz con dulce.  With my salsa mix cd playing in the background and yummy food, this will be a great celebration, if I do say so myself ;)~


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