My Obsessions

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have an obsession popping in my head and eating up all other thoughts until there is only one thing on my mind.  It could be anything really. I can’t help it, I love photography, sewing, scrap-booking, creating cards, all sorts of crafts, reading on and on and on…  I really wish I could devote a huge chunk of my day to the things I love but just like many of you out there,  I have a business, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a home to keep clean, neat.   Today is one of those days where my day will be spent reorganizing the craft/play room.  It’s a mess!  I mean a mess!  This room is a combination of 3 make that 4 rooms:  My craft room, the kids play room and the laundry room and Tan’s tool shed/storage.  I sometimes always wish I had more time!  Just add another 4 hours to my day, I’m not greedy!  I would love to sit down and sew one of the many projects I have in my idea journal or finish the crafts that are sitting, waiting… taunting me.

Catch up on some major cleaning :-s and play with my cricut.   Maybe even start a Vlog on youtube?  The list is endless!  I don’t know how some people do it.  I get up at 6:45 every morning (I hit that snooze button only once)  On the weekends I get up by 8am (no snooze) and we have full days.  After school activities fill up the evening and also weekend chores, classes, clubs etc.  I am not a planner and am a huge procrastinator 😦  I really gotta get on the ball about the things I need to get done.  Hmmm…. I’m thinking of making myself a day planner, maybe that will help me to be a bit more organized. Who knows I may have 4 hours of free time somewhere in the week, maybe.~

2 thoughts on “My Obsessions

  1. br3nd4nunez

    I can really relate to that. Everyday I am obssessed with something and I end up doind a hundred things by the end of the week. I admire you for having kids, pets and still finding time to dedicate yourselve to do so many things. I am a huge procrastinator too by I am trying to leave that habit behind. Cool post.


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