Phineas and Ferb

My girls and I are big fans for the show Phineas and Ferb.  Every time we watch the show we *crack* up.  We even got my hubby Tan to join in on some TV fun and I gotta tell you, this is one of the few shows I allow my kids to watch.  Now a days most of the shows are a bit racy and have tooo many innuendos!   Even Disney shows are a bit much and are either too cutesy or too mature :-\  Anywhoo, one day I get an email from Tan that P&F are gonna be at the King of Prussia Mall.  Great!  The not to great part is that he tells me about it the night before!  Yikes!!

Well needless to say the next morning I try my darnest to get the kids ready to go to the mall (an hour drive in heavy traffic) just to get there as the show begins.  Well!  It was packed!!  Seriously the line to meet F&P wrapped all the way around and was basically at the beginning of the entrance to the mall!  Luckily for us the kids were fed and there was a bathroom nearby (you never know with a 3 year old what’s gonna happen) and thank God the line went quickly.  The girls even brought some toys to keep themselves entertained, my middle child Nena made friends with just about everyone in line.  While my eldest kept to herself and read her book.  The baby was very well behaved and I didn’t have to worry too much about them especially with Tan’s help.  Thanks babe!

It was very hectic but in the end I got this awesome pic and of course a great day out with the fam!~

Phineas and Ferb

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