First Day of School

This past Wednesday was the first day of school for my big girls and it was a BIG day. Not only are they starting a new grade, but they’re also starting at a *new* school. Miss A is now in the 7th grade and AJ has entered the 3rd grade! I cannot believe how time has flown! I still remember my first experiences with them on their first day of Kindergarten. Now my youngest is starting her own kindergarten adventures (today being her first day -*sniff!) 🙂

The new school had a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome all students and their family to the new joined school and boy was it a sight to behold! The sidewalk was crowded with nervous kids and their parents. The principle gave a lovely speech that had me choked up and Father started the ceremony with a prayer. Then the kids marched inside in grade order. It was very efficiently done being that there was such a massive amount of people there. My youngest had her first kindergarten experience this morning, and what a morning it was! First thing this morning she had to have me help her get ready to the point of brushing her teeth! Being the sucker that I am, I obliged (all the while thinking, this will be the last time I’ll ever help brush her teeth *sniff!) after getting her ready for school, Tan made the girls their breakfast and made sure each had their paper work, homework and school supplies all while I packed their lunch (gotta love that man!) Then it was off to school! The whole ride to school my baby was chatting up a storm about the new friend she made at the Kindergarten Meet and Greet and her new teacher. Although it was a bit hectic and there were a lot of nervous little ones, my baby was a trooper, at least until they had to line up. Then her eyes opened up as big as saucers and she refused to let go of my hand. She even begged Tan to stand by her side and did not want either one of us to go. I thought to myself- it’s ok, I’ll keep her home one more year, but her teacher Ms. Fellman was wonderful and on point. She asked my baby be line leader and that just made little A’s day 🙂 After that, it was all hugs and kisses and a super huge smile was on Lil A’s face as she entered the school as a kindergartener.

I always had a saying that the way you start the school year is how you end it. I’m very happy to say it was a wonderful transition and Tan and I are very proud of our babies and can’t wait to see what adventures this year will bring.~

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