Happy Anniversary

14 years ago, I became the Happiest Woman in the World.  I married my better half, my partner in crime and the Love of my life.  It has been a Blessed 14 years with many wonderful adventures.  Tan for sure is the BEST husband a woman could ever have.  He is funny, charming, good looking 😉 and a hard worker.  There are no words to describe the LOVE & RESPECT we have for one another.

Thank You my Love for 14 wonderful years and for…

Making me laugh so hard I forget what we were talking about
Surprising me with my favorite candy bar
Taking us out to dinner when I don’t feel like cooking
Our three beautiful girls -who are charming like you and crazy like me 😉
Spontaneously dancing to our favorite music
Being silly on long car drives
Being a hard working man
Playing your video games so the girls and I can cheer you on!
Squishing scary bugs the girls and I don’t like
introducing me to our faith and God
being a great Dad
taking the girls to the park so I can catch up on work
helping me feel better when I get sick or injured
being my biggest cheerleader and fan as I embark on my blogging and business adventures

Thank You for being YOU and for 14 Magical Years! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETIE! I look forward to many more years to come!

God Bless You

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