Nexus 7

For my birthday(back in July) my wonderful hubby Tan gave me my very own Nexus 7 tablet. I have to say that I’m very happy to finally have a tablet of my own since almost everyone I know has a tablet. My sister and Tan both have iPads, my niece has the Galaxy tablet and my eldest daughter has the Kindle Fire, it’s safe to say we’re a family of gadget users. Since getting the Nexus 7, I use it every day and have found my two younger ones playing on my tablet as well. It’s a great little machine that is lightning quick and responds very well on the fly.

So far I have downloaded some books and my eldest has downloaded her favorite games, I also use it as my digital assistant. I’ve synced it to my google calendar and email accounts. I also use it to quickly update my twitter, facebook and instagram and other social media accounts. I even plan on using it to keep track of my product inventory! It is soooo easy and very versatile. Did I mention that I can also watch movies on this bad boy? There are times when my little one get’s bored or I’m waiting for the kids that I whip out this bad boy and watch a movie 🙂 I LOOOVVEE it!

If your on the market for a new tablet, I highly recommend the Nexus 7! It’s a great product!

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