Back To School

Well it’s that time of year for us to be thinking of back to school.  Of course the kids are dreading the idea of heading back to school but are at the same time happy to be seeing their friends again.  I have to say that in the past I’ve struggled with getting the kids ready for school.  I always seem to be fall behind when it comes to getting their supplies.  This year I decided to get an early start and got a lot of the school supplies and most (if not all) supplies we bought were on sale!  Woot Woot!   Tan and I always get extras so as to not run out of anything mid-way thru the school year.  All we have to do now is enjoy the rest of our summer vacation without having to worry if we have everything they’ll need for school.

Of course getting the kids their school supplies got me in an organizing mood!  Since the kids are all three going to school full time this year I needed a way to keep track of their schedules.  I decided to work on some printables for the upcoming school year but haven’t gotten it quite the way I like it as of yet.  As soon as I get them done (which will be soon- hopefully) I’ll share them with you all.  But for now I thought I’d share some cute printables I saved on pinterest a while back.  (Ah pinterest, what would I do without you!)




Hopefully you’ll find these adorable printables helpful.  Thanks for visiting!~

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