A New Beginning



I have some great news to share with you all.  Tan and I finally sold our home! 🙂  It’s been on and off the market close to a year now and I was honestly getting a bit fed up with having to prep the house for potentials to view.  My advice to you if you have young children is to make sure that the kids are in school when you show your home.  If you have any pets, many potential home owners don’t want to see/hear them in your home so you’ll have to take Fido for a walk.  Lucky for me we live half a block away from a park so we were there at least 3-4 times a week.  Which was nice since the kids looooovve the park and the weather was nice enough for us to enjoy the outdoors.

I have to say that there were many times we thought our home would sell but there was always an issue.  A few people couldn’t make an offer because they didn’t qualify for a mortgage loan.  Why even look at homes I don’t know.  Other offers were way below asking and quiet frankly a bit insulting.  Our house is in great condition and had new stainless steel appliances as well as granite counter tops and new washer/dryer.  I mean really?!  They thought that because we had the house on the market for 3 months that meant we were desperate to take any offer.  Yeah right!  Our only set back was that other competitor homes were so desperate to sell -for whatever reason- and would drop their prices significantly.  Hurting other home owners chances of selling.  But thank God, we were blessed to get a great offer close to asking and the home inspection went off without a hitch.  Our Realtor even said that the inspector was searching every nook and cranny to find any issues and came up blank!  We were so ecstatic,  Tan in a perfectionist when it comes to certain things and he made sure that our home was in top notch shape!

Now we’re on the hunt for a new place to call home and hopefully soon we can breath!   I have learned so much during this process that Tan teases me saying I should be a realtor lol!  Who knows maybe I could give it a try!

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