Birthday Love and My New Toy!

I’m excited! My birthday was this month and I’m happy to say I had a wonderful birthday.  My awesome husband and beautiful girls gifted me with some great and cool stuff!  My middle girl made a beautiful drawing of us together in one of our many adventures together.  It is a very lovely drawing and since she took the time to make it it really is special to me (she doesn’t usually do stuff like that).  🙂  I also got this awesome gift:

I didn’t expect it at all!  It’s pretty cool.  I got a chance to use it over the weekend and was able to make 36 mini cupcakes!  They were pretty yummy and cute to boot!  The best part is that in this heat, who wants to bake!  I just wish I could make full size cupcakes in that bad boy but atleast I can bake muffins, brownies, and other yummy treats without using the stove and it even comes with recipes to make many many yummy goods!  Here are the cupcakes I made:

I also got a totally awesome NEW camera!  It’s a Nikon S4100.

I LOOOOOVVEE it!  It takes some awesome pictures.  I got it a few days after my birthday (it came in the mail but was waaay late- poor Tan was furious!)  I opened that bad boy up and started using it right away.  It came charged and I didn’t have to recharge it for 4 days!   Way better than my old junkie camera!  Which I had to change the batteries after a 10 shots!  Here are some examples of pictures I took with my new camera!!

Like I said, I love my new Camera!!~


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