Movie Review {Frozen}

Disney's Frozen

The other night Tan and I took the kids to see the movie Frozen.  This has been something I’ve been wanting to see since we saw the previews last year.  Although the movie was released Thanksgiving weekend, we were just way to busy with work, school and Holiday shopping to actually go see the movie.  Until this passed weekend.  I decided instead of me writing a review about the movie my 13 year old will give her review instead!  Awesome right!  Here she is:

Frozen is a movie that captured my attention as soon as I saw the first preview clip. Then I saw the first actual preview and I found it so cool I had to see the movie. The plot of the story is about Anna teaming up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. The movie starts off with Anna and Elsa when they are young and some of their life before they show what happens in their adventure. All the characters were really well drawn and their voices really fit them.

The main characters are Anna and Elsa. Anna is that feisty, stubborn and optimistic but also lovable and outgoing girl that everyone can relate to in their younger life. Elsa is Anna’s older sister who looks too proper and uptight but is really fun and caring, she just cant show it as much as she’d like to because of her winter powers. Then theirs Olaf the comic relief. At first he acts a bit dumb but he’s actually smart. Then you have Hans the dreamy guy and Kristoff who helps Anna on her journey.

My favorite character is Elsa. She’s my favorite because she is super pretty and has such cool powers. At first Anna was my favorite character but once i saw the scene that Elsa sings “Let it go” it completely changed to her and watching the rest of the movie made it stay that way. I feel that Frozen is a really nice tale of how strong the bond between a family, especially sisters, could be.

Wow amazing right!  I recommend you see this movie with your kids and if you don’t have kids, go see the movie anyway 😉  Thank you sweetie for writing such a wonderful piece, I look forward to many more from you!

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