Personal Goals for 2018

Well 2017 is over and I have to say it was a bitter sweet year for us.  As many of you may know the final months have been quite difficult to say the least.  We suffered a loss of our pup Nemo and the loss of my husband’s cousin.  We also embarked on our kitchen reno project that we are still working on.  Yeah 2017 was a bitter sweet year.  We managed to bring in the New Year with my hubby and FIL working again on our kitchen.  Although my in laws went home early (poor things were exhausted), Harvey continued working until close to midnight.  We did manage to ring in the New Year with our girls.  Yes 2017 is over and it was a crazy year, now I’m ready to crush my 2018 goals!

Now if you recall, I shared with you my Youtube and Blog Goals for 2018  and so far I have been doing pretty good 🙂  I also have a Personal Goal for 2018.   I’m thinking of sharing a quarterly update just because I thought this would help inspire anyone thinking of crushing their own goals and in doing so it will help keep me accountable as well (which is good, eh?)  


  • Pay off credit card and maintain a zero balance
  • Save up an Emergency Fund and Savings Fund
  • Save up for a new car


  • Eat Less Takeout
  • Create and actually do work out routine
  • Drink lots more water
  • Go for a run


  • Have more date nights with the Hubby 😉
  • Spend quality time with my girls
  • Spend more time visiting family and having get togethers
  • Take couples dance lessons (part of date night, maybe?)


  • Spend more time reading the bible and creating a bible study
  • Join a woman’s organization or volunteer group


  • Create organizational systems for the home
  • Finish out incomplete home improvement projects
  • Encourage other’s and share positivity

I think I may be a bit ambitious but this is a goal that will take the whole year to complete so I think I’m good!  So do you have any goals your ready to crush for 2018?  Let me know and I’ll be here to cheer you on!




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