20 Reasons Why I LOVE My Home

Hip 'n Creative | 20 Reasons Why I LOVE My Home

Hi friends!  So this morning I was up doing my usual routine of making breakfast for the kiddos as well as packing their school lunches, when I heard this beautiful little bird singing it’s morning praises.  I’ve heard it’s song every morning and thought to myself that’s one more reason why I love my home.  That inspired me to share with you 20 reasons why I LOVE my home. Obviously there are way more than 20 reasons but I didn’t want to over do it.

Mind you I am sharing my thoughts in no particular order.  Ready?  Here we go!..

1. I absolutely love our neighbors/neighborhood, the people here are all so nice!  I get to wake up to a gorgeous view every morning no matter the season!  My neighbors are sweet and help each other out, which is a win!

2. We are literally 2 houses away from a beautiful park/baseball field.  Which is awesome for my girls to burn off some energy, play with friends and when my nieces and nephews come over it’s a quick trip to the park for some entertainment.

3.  We have three bathrooms!  THREE!  And with three girls (a teen, a tween and a school grade girl) believe me when I say this is a must!  Getting ready in the morning has been a lot less stressful.  In our previous home poor Tan always had to wait his turn while us girls hogged the bathroom getting ready every morning.  Now he’s ready 20 minutes before anyone else is.

4. I am three minutes away from the Mall, up to 7 minutes away from three craft stores, a dollar store and my local supermarket! Yay!!!

5. I love that we have a 2 car over-sized garage.  It’s huge! When we first bought our house we immediately took all of our stuff from storage and dumped it in our garage (a great money saver) and it sat there for almost 8 months while we updated and renovated parts of our home.  This passed weekend, Tan was working hard cleaning and organizing the garage and really making it his own. The best part is that once he’s done, we’ll have our garage back and can store my SUV, his car, all his tools and he’ll still have enough space for a work station!  WooHoo!

6.  We have a laundry room!  When we lived in the city, we used to do our laundry in our basement.  Every week I would haul all our laundry down our steps and sort, clean, fold and haul it back up the steps.  With my back issues it was really difficult and I would sometime have to leave the laundry in the basement until Tan or the kids could help.  Now that it’s one small flight of steps, laundry is a breeze.  And you know what the bonus is?  Our laundry room is so big it doubles as a craft room!  Yeah baby!

7.  I love hearing bird sing every morning.  We also have seen deer, foxes, ground hogs, rabbits and even a beaver (but I’m not sure since I’ve never seen one in person before).

8. I love that we have a front porch!  Although I haven’t yet furnished it, so we could enjoy the outdoors (haven’t found anything I like yet), it is a beautiful thing to have.  Once we do find something we love, I’m spending nearly everyday outside.

9. We have a beautiful enclosed back patio. It’s huge and it’s all ours baby.  We can sit on one side of the patio and dine on the other side.  It’s actually great, we can enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of bugs.  Awesome sauce!  Did I say ‘awesome sauce’? Yeah I did.

10. We have a family room/office.  It’s great, the kids use it all the time as their play room.  Tan and I use it as our home office.  I can listen to them play while I work.  It’s great!

11. We actually have a dinning room.  Our previous home was an open living/ room dinning room.  Which was fine and I liked it.  But there is something about dinning separate from the living room.  That’s our family time.  No distractions from TV or other electrical devices.

12.  We have a dish washer!  The girls are happy about this one lol.  I don’t mind doing dishes and I find it to be therapeutic but there are times when we have company over or are in a hurry or just too tired.  That’s when the dish washer is my friend!  Unfortunately, our dish washer is on the fritz and we agree to replace it when we remodel our kitchen, ’cause that kitchen is a hot mess!

13. We live in a safe neighborhood.  My kids can go outside and actually be ok.  Granted no one is ever truly safe but when I sit outside on my little folding chair and watch my girls run around and have fun.  It’s a good feeling.

14. I love that we are in close proximity to our family.  My sister is about 10 minutes away and my in-laws are even closer.  I hope to have them over more often and spend some summer days out and about.  Having fun and creating memories. Love it!

15. I love that I have a walk up attic.  Great for storage space and who knows maybe in the future we might make it into another bedroom or office space… maybe a gym room or studio. Hmm…

16. I love that we have closets.  In our previous home we had a huge master bedroom closet but the girls didn’t have a closet (their rooms were too small) so we had to make do with small dressers.  Which was fine at first but once the girls started growing so did their wardrobe.  Their rooms were getting cramped.  Which leads me to the next thing i love…

17.  Our bedroom!  Each rooms is actually good sized room.  Tan and I have have a nice sized bedroom with a half bath that is a life changer!  But the girls also have great room sizes.  They can actually fit 2 twin beds, 2 dressers and have a closet and still have room for shelves and decorative accents.  My oldest girl has an actual closet and window in her bedroom.  Which she loves.  Which means I LOVE it!

18. Our living room is a great size.  Our furniture fits well and we have enough space to add more pieces.  We are currently working on a coffee table and two end tables. Which I’ll share with you in another post.  But more exciting projects are coming soon!

19.  We have central air conditioning.  I have to say we’ve been blessed to have central air throughout our home and on those hot summer nights, I will be using that bad boy fo’ sho’.

20. Last but not least is my kitchen. Although the kitchen is a bit outdated, it is a blessing to be able to cook a meal in a working kitchen (believe me there were days when I had to make dinner on a hot plate, not easy or fun).  I have a double oven, a dish washer, a cook top and enough space to add a kitchen table.  It’s a cute kitchen with a gorgeous view of the baseball field in which I get to enjoy third graders play ball and root for my favorite teams.  I also get to enjoy nature as I watch deer, foxes and many other of God’s creatures walk across my yard.

Every morning I thank God for my many blessings.  I thank Him for my beautiful family, my wonderful friends, my sweet neighbors and my Happy Home.

How about you?  What do you love about your home?


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