5 Fabulous Spring Hairdos

Happy Spring!

I cannot believe we are finally in the Spring Season!  Woot Woot!

I don’t know how much more winter I can take, especially my poor hair!  I’ve had the worse hair season.  My hair has been dry, frizzy and because of the stinking snow, I had “hat hair” almost all winter long.. boo!  But no more…  With the days getting longer and winter behind us we can now focus on some fun spring styles.  Here is a list of great go to hairdos I do for me and my minions.


There are two styles I always rock when I am pressed for time (which is always) One is the ponytale.  I used to just grab my hair, tie it up and keep going, but lately I’ve been taking a few extra minutes to give my hair a bit more pizzazz.  Like this pony from Asiantown.net.  Very simple and not too time consuming.. which is a win for me 🙂


My second go to hairdo is the messy bun.  The double bun from The Small Things Blog is awesome.  I do this hair style (whenever I’m not sporting the ponytail) prior to getting the kids ready for school.  My morning routine is not the best.  We usually have enough time for me to pack the kids lunch and snacks, help them get dressed, do their hair and make sure they eat their breakfast (which my hubby Tan provides -yeah he’s awesome 😉 ) then it’s off to school then do my errands.


I have to admit, I love the low side braid.  This is so easy to do and takes me less than 5 minutes to create.  I usually do this when I’m on my way out shopping or having a casual day with the family.  Her Campus shows you how to create this super cute, super easy hairdo.


Here is a fun two in one hair style, the fishtail bun by Teen Vogue.  You can either stop at the fishtail braid or continue on and create a braid bun.  Although the fishtail braid is a bit tricky the results are awesome.  My youngest girl loves this style.


Last but not least is the side pony.  Very fun hairstyle that is easy to do.   No tutorial but check out Style Me Pretty for awesome inspirations.

There you have it, 5 of my favorite Hairdos for the spring/summer season.  What about you.  What’s your go to hairdo?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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