Life Update | Nemo

So today I decided to share with you guys a little bit of a personal side of HNC.  These passed few weeks have been crazy and super stressful.  About 2 weeks ago my Pomeranian Nemo got very very sick.  It was such a scary time for us.  It all started about 4 months ago, Nemo had a large lump on his head and wasn’t acting like himself.  We took him to the vet and had some tests done, he had an infection and with some antiboitics was back to his old self.  Jump to recently and he was sick again, this time the lump grew in size fairly quikly and he became so ill.  He was bleeding from his mouth and nose and have some sort of siezure that scared us to death!  I called the vet and my husband rushed him over.  After what seemed like forever they returned from the vet and I was then told by my husband that Nemo had a really bad infection again and that it made it’s way up his sinus and latched onto his skull.  He needed xrays and some blood work but he had such a large swelling on his head that we had to wait to see how bad the infection was.  We were afraid that the infection was cancer and that it was eating away at his skull.  We had to give him antibiotics to reduce the swelling and two days later Nemo had surgery.  My husband dropped him off in the morning and he underwent the surgery.  After a few hours in surgery we were called by the Vet and good news Nemo’s surgery was successful.  Later that night my husband picked him up and brought him home.  It was my first time seeing him after surgery and he was a mess.  My poor baby was in so much pain!

Nemo spent a few hours at the Veterinary Hospital under the care of some great people and was released home later that night.  When Nemo realized he was home he had that look in his eye and I actually saw tears stream down his face.  I held him in my arms while he cried. It was heart breaking and I wished I could of done something to help him.  After his surgery we found out what had him so sick.  He had an infection, that traveled from one tooth through another set of teeth.  They were broken and part of it was still inside his gums.  Since it was something not visible to the eye (we nor the Vet  did not notice any pain or discomfort in previous well or sick visits).  That caused the infection to travel through his nasal cavity and eventually settled on his head.  There it developed into an infection that grew rapidly and eventually caused his bleeding and pain and surgery.  I have to say that the Vet, assistant vets and staff did a great job and helped out poor Nemo.  They have been great with follow up calls and when I brought him in for his check up. The entire Vet. Hospital was great, even when he had his surgery they talked us through every step and explained everything.  We’re happy to say that Nemo does not have Cancer Thank God and is recovering very well.

On our recent visit to the Hospital, they welcomed him/us with warmth and showed genuine concern for him.  They did a great job in taking care of our boy.  I cannot thank them enough.  Stoney Creek Animal Hospital is the best Veterinarian Hospital hands down.  I recommend them to anyone needing excellent care for their furry friend.

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