Guess who’s back, back again!  Awilda’s back tell a friend…. Ok enough of that!  Hi guys!  I’m sooo happy and excited to be back!- can you tell?  I cannot believe that it’s been 4 MONTHS since we last chatted!  A lot has happened over the passed few months and let me tell you it has been one heck of a ride!  I would love to sit down and chat with you about the many crazy shenanigans that has happened here at Casa de HNC but it would probably take about another 4 months to say it all – and Oh honey I don’t have the strength!  So I’ll just give you cliff notes version of what’s been happening.  Deal?  Ok. First go ahead and grab yourself a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate 😉 ) i’ll wait…. ready?  Good, let’s get started….

When we last spoke Tan and I were putting some hard work into updating our lovely home when the powers that be decided that it was time for us to jump ship and move in to our home in mid-renovation.  Crazy right?! Although I won’t go into the boring details as to why we had to move (long story) I will say that it was the BEST decision for our crew.  Immediately there was a shift in the air -all positive- we were able to devote more time in working on our home and are a lot further ahead than we have dreamed possible.  I’m not gonna lie and say everything is perfect, but I will say I find it to be a bit easier.  While we are still in thick of it as far as renovations go we are so much closer than we were 4 months ago!

Aside from our Home Reno Projects, the kids are doing great!  They each love the neighborhood, love their school -shocking, I know- they actually get up every morning energized and excited to start their day.  Of course I still get the occasional “Can I stay home Mom?” request but it beats hearing how much they hated their old school on an almost daily basis.  Let me tell you, I used to struggle with theses kids, now my oldest is up before me and my younger two are actually helping me pack their lunches!  Awesome I tell you!

We had our very first Halloween parade at their middle school and the kids went trick or treating with their cousins and neighbors that night.  I actually gave out candy for my first time ever and had a blast!

My youngest celebrated her 7th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with her family and my second baby celebrated her 11th birthday.  We took her out to eat at Ruby’s Diner and her grandparents surprised her with a visit.

My oldest girl has made some new friends and they immediately all clicked!  I’m so happy for all three of my girls, they were each worried they wouldn’t fit in or have friends but they each have made a very happy transition and I see many more great adventures for each of them.

As for Tan and myself we each are also doing pretty well.  Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we are still working hard with the home renovations and there are times when it feels like it will never end.  So far the bedrooms are done with the exception of some room decor that I’d like to add.  The living room and dining room are closer to being completed as well.  We are putting down trim and will be painting the walls as well as redoing the floors to give it a but more oomph!

As soon as I can I’ll try to post some pictures of our living room and dinning room.  As for the rest of the house we still have a lot more to do.  We haven’t even tackled the kitchen -that’s a monster left for another day.  The family room, laundry room, front and back patios and three bathrooms all need some love as well, but Tan and I both agreed that we’ll be taking a break from any major remodeling for at least 6 months.  Don’t worry thought I’ll still be sharing some awesome DIY home decor, craft and cooking projects as well as any cool shop findings.

Thanks so much for reading my long post, you my friend are definitely a rock star!  Until next time… stay awesome!



3 thoughts on “I’m BAAACK!

  1. Arielle

    I really love your blog, it is so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad you are back and that I got to discover you ❤

    1. Awilda Post author

      Hi, thank you so much! I just got back from visiting your blog as well and I love it! I am now following you as well! Good luck and thanks for the support!


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