Our DIY Kitchen Renovation Project Week 1

Hey my wonderful friends!  I hope your doing fabulous on this wonderful fall day!  Me not too shabby!  This week has been a very busy and productive week for us here at Casa de HNC!  We had some errands to run, kids are enjoying their after school activities and we have started our DIY Kitchen Renovation!

Now I have to admit that this is a project that we’ve been wanting to start for over a year now but had to put it off until now.  I’m glad we did because it helped us to decide on the style, colors and design of our kitchen.

I want to show you a before of our kitchen, but brace yourself because it’s a bit outdated but we’re fixing that ;)but if you follow HNC blog then you may recall my post about the house when we first moved in.  If not no worried!, it’s been like three years so yeah a long time 😀  .


The pictures below are from when the house was first listed.  In the three years of us living here we haven’t done much.  Aside from removing the tv, hanging light,  adding a mini microwave stand where the table is  and cleaning the place up, what you see is pretty much it.

The current situation…

So here we have what the kitchen looks like at the present state.  We removed all of the cabinets and completely demoed the kitchen.  We’re starting from scratch here people and not one thing will stay.  Since the upper cabinets are in descent shape, we decided to keep them and repurpose them in the laundry room and garage 🙂  It will be such a huge help to have extra storage in these spaces and the best part is that it won’t cost us a thing!

We are a lot further along in our project but I wanted to show you some of the demolition we have done.  So make sure you check back soon to see the the next phase of our renovation.

Have a great day!


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