Amazon Wish List | Cleaning and Organization Items

Hello my wonderful friends!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful day as for me, I’m doing pretty good, Thanks.  Today I wanted to share with you my Amazon Wish List!  If you’re like me then you have been on Amazon a time or two and have seen products that you love and want but can’t currently buy them.  So what I do is add the product to my wish list and when I have saved some mulah I buy them.  My Amazon wish list is pretty amazing and I thought I’d share some of the items I have on this list with you.  Many of the items I’m sharing from my amazon wish list is for cleaning and organization but I will be sharing a second list for more personal items.

Here is my Amazon wish list:

ATTACH A TRASH – I absolutely think this product will be great to have.  Perfect for those quick clean ups when you are chopping and peeling veggies or other foods.

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER – I have a very tiny half bath with no counter space so our toothbrushes  tend to float around the sink area.  This would be great to hold our toothbrushes and keep the sink looking nice and neat

BISSELL STEAM MOP – great product for those deep cleaning days and an awesome disinfectant. 😉 

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER FOR KIDS – I definitely need this for my kids bathroom.  Not only is it perfect for keeping the area organized, it will limit the amount of germs that land on the brushes.

O’CEDAR MOP AND BUCKET – How awesome is this set?  The mop has a microfiber cloth and the tip is triangle shape for those hard to reach spaces.  The bucket has a pump action wringer that is awesome because I hate touching the icky water from moping the dirty floors!

Well this is my brief Amazon Wishlist.  I hope you were inspired by this list.  If you have any items on your wish list, share them with me in the comments below.  And if you own any of the items on this list let me know how you like them.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time!


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