Kitchen Renovation Project: Quartz Countertop

Hey guys, today is a beautiful day and I feel so happy!  Why you wonder?  Because I finally got my Quartz Countertop Installed!  It has been such a long a torturous time working on this kitchen.  We have had a lot of set backs and many frustrating moments.  When my husband and I first started this project we were thinking about how beautiful the kitchen would be and how great it will be to have all this extra space and function.  So today I though I’d share with you some sneaky pics of our beautiful countertops.


The guys did a phenomenal job.  I was so worried because I thought we were going to have hiccups with our counters.  But thankfully nothing major happened.  They installed the pieces (three in all) and also installed our sink!  I love it!  Great job fellas!

So enough with the jibber jab.. here is your sneaky peak 😉

I’m a happy girl and cannot wait to have my kitchen back!

Until next time guys, I hope you have an awesome day and I’ll see you on the next post!


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