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Hello my wonderful friends and Happy 2019!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Season and a Fun-tastic New Year!  I cannot believe that 2019 is finally here!  These passed few months have flown by! I mean really.. One day I was prepping for my daughter’s 15th birthday party and the next, poof!  I’m in the New Year.  It has been a crazy and interesting time!

2018 was a very good year for me and I KNOW 2019 will be even better!   Now if you have been following me for some time you may recall that I had posted a 2018 Personal and Youtube goals and although I haven’t shared my journey as much as I wanted to.  I did pretty good and am proud with the road I’m taking so far.  So to make sure that I continue to have my stuff in order I decided to have a phrase for the year.  My phrase for 2019 is: CARPE VITAE! (translated from Latin it means Seize Life)

I am truly Happy with that phrase and am excited to continue documenting my journey here and on my YouTube channel.    To help me keep my thoughts and goals in order I will continue to have my Goals into categories:



  • Continue to Pay off credit card and maintain a zero balance
  • Continue Save up an Emergency Fund and Savings Fund
  • Continue to Save up for a new car


  • Eat Less Takeout – we did pretty good in 2018 – fingers crossed 2019 will be better!
  • Create and actually do work out routine – still a struggle lol
  • Drink lots more water – yes, going strong on this one!
  • Go for a run – yikes this one kills me lol


  • Have more date nights with the Hubby 😉 fo’ sho’!
  • Spend quality time with my girls – this one is going great!
  • Spend more time visiting family and having get togethers – so hard when everyone is so busy!
  • Take couples dance lessons (part of date night, maybe?) – still working on this one!


  • Spend more time reading the bible and creating a bible study
  • Join a woman’s organization or volunteer group – so far I have found a group in my church just have to work up the nerve to join lol


  • Create organizational systems for the home – slowly but surely happening – come back soon for a video/blog post
  • Finish out incomplete home improvement projects – ongoing progress
  • Encourage other’s and share positivity – yes yes yes!!


  • CONTINUE TO GROW MY BLOG & YOUTUBE CHANNEL I can honestly say that I have reached my goal for 2018 by doubling my Youtube Subscribers and am nearing 10,000 subscribers and that makes me soo Happy!!
  • IMPROVE MY PHOTOGRAPHY Photography continues to be a passion of mine and I want to improve my skills so fingers crossed!
  • MORE CONTENT SCHEDULE  I am going to post more regularly and stick to a planned schedule that will allow for great content and fun blog stuff!
  • STRONGER  SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE this is a slooooowwww process but one that I’m happy to say is happening – just very slowly lol!
  • COMMENT/ENCOURAGE OTHER POSTS I’m happy to say I have really stepped up my commenting game!  I have encouraged others and have also followed newbie instagrammers as well as some “popular” IGers to support.

So far I’m happy to say that I have been going great with most of my goals from 2018 and will continue to build on these goals for the 2019 Year!    I feel it in my bones that 2019 is gonna be our year! I sincerely hope this post has inspired you to create or continue working on your Goals.  I put a lot of thought into my posts in the hopes to inspire and to help build others while growing myself.  Do you have any goals you’re ready to crush for 2019?  Let me know and I’ll be here to cheer you on!  And if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and say Hi!  Until next time friends, have an awesome day!



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