Vet Visit

Well it’s that time of year when I take my pups to visit the Vet.  This time around I went to a new Veterinarian Hospital that opened up about a month ago around the corner from my neighborhood.  It is a lovely place and the people there are very friendly and accomodating.  I absolutely love the place.  The care they gave my Nemo and Nala was fantastic. I had the pleasure of taking my boy Nemo first.  We couldn’t take both dogs at the same time because they tend to be a bit nervous and since Nala is my bigger pup Tan had to take her.  Poor Tan, he had a rough visit but I’ll let him tell you all about it on his blog.  As for Nemo he did a terrific job.  I was totally shocked and amazed at how well behaved he was!

You gotta understand that between Nala and Nemo, Nemo is NOT my tough guy.  He tends to be a bit more timid when it comes to Vet visits and will cry or whine and won’t cooperate.   As for Nala she is  fine with everything and goes with the flow.  Not a lot of things gets her upset and is very sweet and friendly.

That being said I thought that when I took Nemo to the vet he would just be a bundle of nerves and would totally give me a horrible time.  Instead he was a very playful, polite dog.  He actually obeyed my voice commands and didn’t try to challenge me at all while visiting the Vet.   I was so proud of him!  I know what your thinking, he was well behaved because of the Vet right?  Well the thing is that he’s been to other Vet’s and Vet Hospitals and it was always the same.  He’d yelp, run from me or Tan, wouldn’t let anyone go near him unless Tan or myself was there to hold him.  Maybe it’s his age.  They are both three now and maybe know the routine.  But what about Nala?  She has always been my quiet good girl but from her experience with Tan was completely different than my time with Nemo.  She was the one giving Tan a hard time and embarassing him. Poor Tan! 

If you have a loving pet and live near the Phila, Pa area, please give the a visit, they are great!~

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