Going to the Drive-In

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to go to the drive-in theatre.  I’ve only been to the movie theatres (and that was twice!) and when I was older many of the dates Tan and I had were to the movies. I never knew drive-ins truly existed (except in movies) until Tan had taken me.  Needless to say, I was so EXCITED!  We were already a happily married couple with 2 of our girls when we finally found a Drive-In. It was a very long drive (three hours from home) abut it was worth it.  Tan and I would make a day of going to the drive-in.  We’d first take the kids to the Crayola Factory spending a good part of the day there afterwards we’d drive to Becky’s Drive-In which was about 25 minutes from The Crayola Factory.  By the time we’d get there the kids wouldn’t last much and Tan and I would have a wonderfully quiet time watching movies.  The drive home was a bit rough for us since the movies would end at midnight (sometimes later) then the long drive home, we wouldn’t get home ’til 2 in the morning the earliest.

Luckily we found another drive-in in New Jersey.  Delsea Drive-In!  It’s only a 30-45 minute drive from home.  Waaaayy better than that long drive to Becky’s.  Since finding Delsea’s Drive-In, we’ve been heading out there every year for the passed 4 almost 5 years.

Delsea Old Menu

New Menu

Both Old and New Menu

I love it!  It is so much fun and exactly what I pictured as a little girl.  I’m so happy to share this experience with Tan and my three girls.  I highly recommend both Drive-In’s.  If you live near Vineland, NJ go see Delsea and if you live near Walnutport, Pa go see Becky’s Drive-In.~

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