Arsty Smartsy Family

This passed Monday there was a news report on High School Students giving back to the community.  I’m proud to say that my eldest nephew was one of the wonderfully talented students that was in the newscast.  I’m sure my sister is prouder than anyone being that she raised her kids as a single mom.

My nephew has always had a knack for art and has shown up some pretty cool artwork done on his computer as well as worked on some very funny plays Anime work.  I hope he persues this as a career becuase he has such a talent and it would be nice to have someone persue their dreams.  Another talented person in the family is my brother.  Since he was a little boy he has loved art.  He has drawn hundreds of Superheros, comic book designs and recently has enrolled in a Technical School to get a degree in Art specifically for Computer Graphics and Design the ultimate goal being a CGI designer for businesses, movies and commercials.  I am so proud of both my nephew and my brother for persuing their passions.  I certain talents do run in the family. ~

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