Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is a few weeks away but I’m already planning and plotting for great custom made gifts.  One of the gift ideas I have in mind is a key finder.  I often find myself plopping my keys in my purse but when I need them I have to dig inside my purse to find my keys.  That’s when I thought what a great gift idea!  What better gift to give someone than something useful and fashionable.  I have a few women in my life I would love to gift a Key Finder to them on Mother’s day.  Now all I need is cool design ideas.  I really like these from Bring It On Girlfriend

I also love the idea of gifting a lovely purse hook.  It doesn’t sound glamorous but I absolutely hate when I go out and have my purse with me and have to worry about my purse sitting on the floor with all those germs and dirt (BLEH!!).  Oh disgusting!!  I’m also a worrier when I have to hang my purse behind me at restaurants.  I’ve had the horrible luck of having my purse stolen 2 days before I went of vacation and had to wind up calling the bank, credit card companies, etc to close my accounts and also the fear of having my money stolen from the bank!  Not a fun!   It puts a big worry cloud when you should be having fun. 

I’ve found these on etsy.  But I’m on for making my own gifts.  Don’t get me wrong I love to shop and think it’s great to buy things but on occassion, when I can, I also like making something with my own two hands and my very active imagination.  Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!! ~

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