Our Visit to the Crayola Factory

Last week, Tan and I decided to take our girls to the Crayola Factory.  It’s been a few years since we’ve been there and this was our youngest Chica’s first time ever.  So off we go to spend the whole day at the Crayola Factory!  Let me tell you it was TONS of fun!  The kids got a chance to run around and do whatever they wanted.  I mean it!  Since it’s a long drive from our home (1.5 hours) we stopped for a bite to eat at a McDonalds they have at the Factory. Usually we bring our own food but since it was a far drive (and no food allowed) it had to be done. 😦  After lunch we went straight to the Super Sculpture section where we all had fun creating our own masterpieces!

Afterwards we made a pit stop at this Photo Station so the girls could take turns being Astronauts.  You can see the smiles on their faces as they said “Blast Off!” hahaha!!

Of course my Chica decided to take off to the chalk section where the kiddos can draw on the floor, walls and anything else they wanted to with chalk!  (I would hate to have to clean up the mess the kids leave everyday)! 😉

At one of the stations the kids got a chance to make a Puppy/Dog Face Masks.

Nena's Artwork: Puppy Dog

We had an awesome time but my camera was acting all wonky and some of the pics were way too blurry or dark to post (sorry :() Hopefully soon I’ll get the camera I want (Tan if your reading, hint hint!)

At the end of the day we posed for pictures and headed home with 3 exhausted little girls and one pooped Mama but not before stopping for dinner!! 😉  We stopped at IHOP where we ate some pretty good stuff!  Tan and the girls enjoyed their breakfast for dinner but I had to have a cheeseburger and fries, YUM! (there goes that waste line!)

While we waited we goofed around with more pictures and took turned telling jokes!  It helped pass the time, but for some reason, our food took longer than expected and I noticed people coming in AFTER us and already eating.  The waitress informed us that dinner would be late due to the cook mixing up our order and being the only cook that night was backing her up as well.  Luckily we didn’t mind the extra wait and when dinner finally arrived, we ate (silently and quickly).  All in All it was an awesome day and can’t wait to do it again!!~

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