Kitchen Remodeling

Tan and I have decided to remodel our kitchen.  When we first bought our home about 9 years ago we completely gutted the house except for 2 areas:  The kitchen and the bathroom.  At the time they were the only two areas that didn’t need any work, so why mess with what’s not broken, right?  But, after 3 kids 2 dogs and lots and lots of family get together’s the kitchen is starting to show signs of wear and tear.  It first started with the floor, when our dog Nala was a puppy, she was going through her teething phase and ripped the kithcen doorway and linolium floor to shreds.  At the time we decided to just patch it up and when we could we’d redo the floor.   That was over 3 years ago! (wow how time flies!) Yikes!

I knew we were eventually going to update the kitchen but it wasn’t a priority.  Now I feel that the time has come.  I’ve been staring at that kitchen for far too long!  Thankfully Tan agreed and we set off on removing the old floor and are in the process of adding ceramic tiles!!  Ooh La La 😉  While we were redoing the floor, I mentioned needing more cabinet space so Tan decided to add new cabinets and an additional counter top as well!  How great is that!

Now that the floor and cabinets are coming in, I’ve noticed that the walls are bare.  They have no color, no warmth, no inviting feel to it.  That’s where a fresh coat of warm colored paint and trim comes in!  I’m sooo happy.  But as many of you out there know that when you tackle a job like this on your own, it becomes a major job and takes up a lot of your time.  We really thought about our schedule and what upcoming events we had going on and knew that if we didn’t do the kitchen now we’d have at least a year of waiting for the kitchen remodeling to get started and who knows when it would of been finished.  I’m so glad Tan is very handy (and I like to think I’m handy as well).  This is going to help with our budget big time!

But as with all major projects the work can get bigger than anticipated!  As I was inspecting the kitchen and admiring Tan’s wonderful work I noticed a small crack underneath my window sill and a warped counter top!  Oh No!! Ugh not another set back!

Tan seems to be taking it all in stride and without any complaints has decided to repair the wall (thankfully there is no major damage), as well as update the counter top!  Oh joy of Joys!  How great is that!  That husband of mine is such a great guy (and not because he occasionally reads my blog)  :-p  Thanks to him I’ll be enjoying a beautifully updated kitchen in no time!

As soon as I can, I’ll post some before and after shots of the working progress of our kitchen.  Who knows if all goes well, I may get a updated bathroom as well!  😀  Wish us Luck!~

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