Kitchen Remodeling: The Sequel

A while back i posted about our adventures in the kitchen.  How we thought it would be a great idea to update our kitchen making more space, adding color and personality.  Since then I have to say that the kitchen is coming out beautifully!  I’m very happy with the flooring and although it has taken a bit longer that we wanted (but expected), it really is a big difference.  I love the new floor!  It’s so…. nice!  Some of the set backs we experienced with the floor is not only one layer of linoleum but four, yes you read correctly, FOUR!  I don’t understand how can someone own a home and slap one layer after another on the floor, how much harder would it have been to remove the original floor and replace it?  I mean it’s LINOLEUM -not concret!!  Who ever was the previous contractor really put a number on the first owner.  She was an elderly woman who was at a point in her life where she could no longer afford her home and decided to sell and move to a nursing home closer to her children.  We were blessed to find this home (within our price range) as a stepping stone to greener pastures.  When we bought the house we wanted a home in move in condition that we could make a few tweaks here and there to personalize and update.  Little did I know that our home was gonna be a TWO year project!  (Honey… that’s a  long story for which I will need a hot cup of cocoa, some cookies and time to sit and tell you all about it)!  Suffice it to say that we ended up buying the house, fixing everything and love living here!  Anywhoo.. Fast forward to the present and here we are.   Now back to the kitchen,..  Tan and I expected to carefully pull back the linolium from the floor and with in a few days lay the new tile floor down.  But instead we were surprised to see a floor underneath the floor?  No way, can’t be!  Yes my friends, we had more flooring.!   Well weren’t we miffed to know that the 2 days we took to carefully peal the floor out was for nothing, when all we had to do was rip the whole thing bare!  I was very angry, annoyed and flustered but we did what had to be done and now the floor is great!

But that joy was shortly lived because when we received our cabinets we didn’t waste time prepping the walls for mounting when Tan realized that the wall did NOT have joices to supported anything!  Zip, Zero, Zilch…. Nada!  Grrrr not again, I mean come on!  So far this house was held together with scotch tape and bubble gum!  Oh the stories I have!!  But maybe next time, right now I have to get that stinkin’ wall supported, Pronto!~

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