Kitchen Renovation Project: Our Progress so Far..

Hello my friends!  I am super happy and excited to be sharing our Kitchen Renovation progress!  So far my awesome father in law was able to come over and between he and my wonderful husband they were able to run the lights, insulate the wall and put new walls up and spackle.  It has been a long journey for us and we are happy to be getting so much done!

What’s been done so far..

  • Gutted the kitchen and removed old wires.
  • My husband was able to frame the walls and ceiling.
  • We created a half wall towards the dining room side.
  • Widened our doorway
  • Removed 4 layers of flooring (man was that a pain!)
  • Insulated walls
  • Ran new electrical throughout the kitchen (Thanks to my Father in Law) 🙂
  • Added drywall and spackeled said dry wall 😀

What’s next..

Our cabinets should be going up soon, which is very exciting!  And our appliances will be ready for pick up come this week.  We definitely have a way to go in completing our kitchen but we’re happy none the less. We still have to replace the window, paint, add flooring, backsplash, order countertops, and odds and ends as well.

I cannot express the level of excitement my husband and I feel right now.  I cannot wait to show you the end results of all this hard work!  I am envisioning a beautiful and functional kitchen with plenty of storage!  Ugh so happy 😀

Now I have to be truthful.. my wonderful husband has been the one to work on our kitchen tirelessly.  He comes home from working a full 12 hour day and works until he can no longer lift his hands.  It has been a very stressful 3 months.  I try to help with with whatever I can.  Especially since I have back issues that prevent me from helping as much as I’d like.  I also want to remind you that Harvey’s father is a licensed electrician and general contractor with many years of experience.  He is very talented and Really Good at his job.  We appreciate his help and wish we could do something to show our appreciation (there are not enough thank you’s in the world).  If not for the hard work these two put in we would not have the wonderful kitchen we need!

Please check out my video and see the wonderful progress we have made so far.  I hope you enjoy following along.  It has been great sharing our progress with you.  Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, if you haven’t yet, so you can see more of our progress and other awesome content I share.

Until next time friends, have an awesome day!


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