Nature and Religion

So Azul tells me today that she has a homework project due on Monday (yes, tomorrow).  Her assignment:  to walk around the park and find 10 things that represent 10 quotes from the bible -for her religion class.  I was taken off guard with this assignment.  I mean how to look at nature and tie it in with the Bible.  Yes, I’m familiar with the Bible and yes I can think of things that would tie nature and the Bible together, but how to teach a 5th grader this lesson had me a bit miffed.   I usually let Tan do the dirty work but since he was working on a Presentation for the Big Wigs at work, I thought I’d let him slide on this Project . 😉 -He can have the next one.

Luckily Tan’s grandmother came by and offered to watch my 2 little ones so I didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on them and help Azul with this project.  Especially since it has been raining throughout the day – Bleh!

I have to say that it was a bit of a challenge but we made it!  I was very proud to watch my girl walk around the park and explain to me her opinions of what the Bible and Nature meant to her.  I know everyone has an opinion but to hear her voice her own beliefs and understanding was quit fascinating.  I was so proud of her!  I merely listened to her and encouraged her to form her own opinions without anyone debating with her or telling her she’s wrong or right.  It was also nice having quality time with only her.  The few hours we spent together was nice.  We laughed, teased each other and she spoke openly to me about things that with her 2 little sisters or her Dad around, she never would of confided in me.

This was actually a fun lesson we shared but  Tan can still have the next one… 😀 ~

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