I’m Back…

Hi everyone I’m back!   I’ve been away for a little while because I was sick 😦  What began as a normal ear ache became a serious infection.    It all started a little over two weeks ago on a Friday evening… Tan and I had just put the kids to bed (after story, bath and the 100th “Can I have water” request) at that point I decided to start my nightly routine of shower, a few minutes of tv time and then bed.  But that night Tan and I were chatting about the kids school and our plans for the weekend.  All of a sudden I felt a weird pinching in my ear.  I didn’t think anything of it and just slightly tugged at my ear then all of a sudden pure pain shot up the side of my face.  I took some ibuprofen and went to bed thinking i’ll be fine by morning. Not so my friends.  I awoke to hearing loss and swelling on the side of my face.  I knew then that I had an ear infection (I’ve had one about 3 years ago- so I was familiar with the swelling & pain) 😦  Not a good sign!  Any-whoo I decided to go about my day that Saturday but what I should of done was go to my doctor.  I was too stubborn to go, thinking I’d be fine until Monday.  But just my luck… the pain was so strong that night that poor Tan had to rush me to the Hospital!  The HOSPITAL!!  I was not doing good at all folks and all I could think of was I should of went to my Dr. and gotten this thing taken care of right away 😦  My poor wonderful husband was so great as usual, he never complained.  Never said “I told you so” which he could of since he did suggest for me to go see our Dr. several times.  All he said was “I want you better”.  For almost two weeks I was in a haze of pain and sleep.  The ER Dr. told me that I had a severe infection which traveled from one ear to the other and down my throat. The same thing happened 3 years ago in which I was almost hospitalized because the infection was so severe, I was having trouble breathing and was getting worse.  Thank God Tan took great care of me and so did his mother (we’re tight like that) and I got better.  Since then I have been supercareful and never do anything to harm my ears.  So when I got sick again I was in total shock.  I mean I was always supercareful, never sticking anything in my ears always going to the Dr. for a check up.  Taking all precautions, but I still got an infection.  The medication I had last time were these drops that I had to use twice daily.   This time around the medication were these horrible pills I had to take twice daily. Because my ears were so swollen the drops wouldn’t make it in my ears 😦  bleh not fun at all!

As of right now I still don’t have full hearing and a have ringing in my ears.  My hearing fades in and out.  When I do hear, I hear muffled sounds rather than actual words.  I’ve gotten pretty good at reading lips but miss the sound of my children’s voices and my wonderful Hubby’s voice as well.  I still have dizzy spells and an occasional pain, but I’m sure in time I’ll be better.  I leave the healing in God’s hands.  I pray that the next time you hear from me I’ll be good as new!~

Oh and in case you were wondering what medication I am taking 1600MG of Bactrim twice daily and was taking Percocet for the pain.  But now I just take 800MG of ibuprofen for my pain since the percocet was a bit too strong for me and I was getting sick using it.

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