Weekly Wrap Up

What up.

It’s Friday and I thought I’d do a weekly wrap up.

I’d like to say that this week has been a fun and fantastic week but it hasn’t.  We had a pretty bad snow storm in which my minions had no school on monday and opened an hour late Tuesday.  Bleh.  It did not make things easier for me.  Not.  One.  Bit.  I’m sooo over winter and cannot wait for warmer weather.  I plan on going out a lot.  Do anything, go anywhere just to leave this tiny cramped apartment.   Cannot wait I tell you!  {especially since we’re expecting more snow this weekend!  Grrr!!}

Anywho, for a while now whenever I feel a bit crazed I think of the positive things that’s happened and this helps me from going bananas.  So here I share with you all the cool moments of the week.

5.  I was able to go out this week for a tiny bit and do a itty bitty bit of shopping.  Although I really didn’t get anything worth mentioning, I’m just glad I was able to leave the salt mines for a bit 🙂

4.  The minions received their progress reports from school and I’m happy to say they are doing great and i so hope to see some straight A’s this semester.  *fingers crossed*

3.  Because of the weather, the powers that be allowed Tan to work from home on Monday.  Which helped me out big time because that meant I had another adult to converse with and also he yummy to look at 😉

2.  My younger sister and i chatted for a bit and I realized my baby nephew is about 6 weeks away from being born.  I cannot wait to meet him and spoil him!  {I have a lot of nieces and nephews and love them all} My youngest brother and I had an awesome chat this week as well and his baby girl will be born any day now.  I’m excited and anxious {when is she getting here!}

1. Although my old computer done died on me.  Tan was able to buy a new toy for me the family and I have to say I love it!  He was finally able to transfer all my files from the old PC to this one {it only took him a about an hour after work but what can I say, he spoils me} and now I’m a happy girl 😉

And that’s pretty much it.  Now that I look back this week wasn’t so bad after all.    Now I’m off to enjoy another snow filled weekend!  Be safe and stay warm.


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