Big Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to chat with you lovely folks and I do apologize for my absence.  You see there have been some big changes happening at The HNC Villa and I’ve been very very busy trying to keep up (or catch my breath!)  One of the big changes is that Tan and I have officially put our lovely home on the market and will be moving to “greener pastures”  Right now we live in the city and although I enjoy the convenience of local shopping, schools and so on,  we have always wanted to move to the ‘burbs.  As a little girl I spent a few wonderful years living in Puerto Rico and have very fond memories of living there.  No we’re not moving to Puerto Rico but we are moving out of the city.  There are many reasons why.  Some have to do with my family (my mom and sister live in the area we want to move to -how lucky is that!)  and also Tan has a long commute to and from work which after 15 years of living in the city and working in the ‘burbs, has taken a tole on my poor man 😦  But my real reason for moving out of the city is that I have always wanted to live in a big beautiful home with a lovely yard, a yard big enough to have my own garden and the kids can actually have a place they can run and play.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m nervous… I’m not familiar with the area.  I have no clue where the kids are going to school.  We have yet to find THE house for us and I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed at the idea of leaving my home and starting fresh somewhere else.

It’s a bitter-sweet feeling leaving the house Tan and I made into our Happy Home.  We put many hours of work into the house and have pretty much updated every nook and cranny in here.  My three beauties had their first moments in this house.  I know every corner of every room and can tell you stories on top of stories of just about anything.  But I know it’s time for us to take that leap.  Kinda like Rapunzel did when she left her tower for the first time.

Wish us luck!  and I’ll try my very best to keep up on the going ons around these here parts as we take our HNC Adventures to new places!~

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